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Researchers at the ZEW participate in scientific debates by publishing their papers. The papers are predominantly in English (marked). For the German papers an English abstract is available. The contributions are intended for a final publication in special interest titles. The discussion papers can be downloaded as PDF or PostScript files starting from 1.1.1998. They aimed at national and international target groups.

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 01-03 // 2001

    Die Auswirkungen öffentlicher Gründungsförderung auf das Überleben und Wachstum junger Unternehmen

    In this paper we examine causal effects of German public assistance programs for young firms administered by the Deutsche Ausgleichsbank (DtA). The empirical analysis is based on a combined data set with…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 01-18 // 2001

    Comparing the Part-time Wage Gap in Germany and the Netherlands

    In this paper,I contrast the quality of part-time jobs - in terms of hourly wage rates - with those of fulltimers. Using the Netherlands as a benchmark,helps to assess the size and seriousness of the estimated…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 01-15 // 2001

    How Do Investors' Expectations Drive Asset Prices?

    Asset price processes are completely described by information processes and investors' preferences. In this paper we derive the relationship between the process of investors' expectations of the terminal stock…

  4. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 00-08 // 2000

    A Note on the Calculation of Firm-specific and Skill-specific Labor Costs from Firm-Ievel Data

    Virtually all empirical firm-level studies on the demand for labor do not include labor cost in the econometric specification. This is due to the fact that business and innovation survey data usually lack…

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