On May 7, a new internet news service for the alternative energy industry will be launched. The new service is a joint project of energy experts from more than 30 European countries. The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) contributes to this expert network. The EuroREX (European Renewable Energy Exchange) website will provide subscribers with information about business opportunities on the rapidly growing renewable energy market. Even today, the renewable energy market generates annual sales of more than 4.3 billion ECU, and an exponential growth is to be expected as soon as the treaty states of the Kyoto Protocol begin to meet their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is of enormous importance for businesses of the alternative energy sector to receive detailed and country-specific information about this energy sector in order tomaximisetheir profits on this growing market. EuroREX wants to provide this information on political and technological developments in the field of renewable energy on a European and national level. EuroREX additionally offers a comprehensive information service on three levels: 

  1. General Information– freely accessable webpage
  2. Newsletter – for subscribers only (liable to charges)
  3. Commercial Services– for subscribers only (liable to charges)

The “General Information“–section provides an overview of innovations in the field of renewable energy.Furthermore, there are links to severalorganisations, to the European Commission as well as to a great number of other international homepages on energy and environment. Last but not least, general information on energy issues listed by country and technology branches can be found on this webpage.

The electronic newsletter is published twice a month and contains news from all countries participating in the EuroREX project as well as from their respective partnerorganisations. The detailed country- and technology-specific information provides a useful overview of developments on the alternative energy market for commercially interested users as well as for everyone who is generally interested in the developments of this industry. The newsletter will additionally contain information on conferences, workshops and events on renewable energy as well as reviews of books, essays and other topic-related publications.

The “Commercial Services“-section provides comprehensive and continuously updated information about developments in the field of regenerative energies in the individual countries and technology branches. This EuroREX service is clearly targeted at commercial users: the objective is to promote the development and the growth of the renewable energy industry sector in Europe. The country-specific information contains analyses concerning economic prospects for renewable energy, activities in research and development, regulatory and legal issues in relation to investment projects, calls for tender and fundingprogrammesby the European Commission, national governments and other institutions, as well as funding and export opportunities. Furthermore, the Commercial Services-section provides dynamic links to the EuroREX partners, as well as the possibility to make use of the online consulting offers. Users also have the opportunity to access the bulletin boards of stakeholders promoting renewable energy on the internet, as well as to multi-media-events and teleconferencing systems.

Annotations to EuroREX

The EuroREX network was launched within the context of the JOULE/THERMIEprogrammeset up by the Directorate-General for Energy (DG XVII) of the European Commission. The network encompasses a wide range oforganisationswith experts for regenerative energies, e.g. universities, research institutes, associations and industrial companies.


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