On Wednesday (10-06-1998), the German Foundation for International Development (DSE) and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) said goodbye to a group of 16 Chinese human resources managers. The Chinese delegation received further training on human resource development in the form of a ten months programme designed and carried out by DSE and ZEW. The Chinese employers of these junior managers, chiefly state educational institutions, are not the only beneficiaries of this qualification. International companies which are increasingly investing in China likewise have a high demand for highly-qualified staff, especially in the field of human resource management.

The further training programme encompassed seminars conducted by experts from the fields of science or from companies based in the Rhine-Neckar region on business- and human resources-related topics, e.g. on staff management or on the identification of development needs in companies. The programme was rounded off by company visits and internships at SAP, BASF and Daimler Benz, among others. During the closing event at ZEW, the chairman of DSE Mannheim, Herbert Burk, gave a speech on the collaboration between public and private companies in the context of the cooperative work with China. The ZEW Director of Business and Administration, Ernst-O. Schulze, presented the processes of research and knowledge transfer at ZEW, in particular the seminar programme China, which made it possible to organise around 20 further training programmes in the past three years. A presentation on staff development in international companies was held by Jakob Iwanowitsch, the human resource manager of Freudenberg AG. Alongside with Bilfinger und Berger and MVV, the company took an active role in the practical part of the DSE/ZEW-further training programme.


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