With effect from June 3, 1998, Dr. Jürgen Strube, chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE, is appointed as one of the nine members of the ZEW Supervisory Board (Centre for European Economic Research, Mannheim). Senator Hermann Freudenberg, who has supported the successful establishment of ZEW by word and deed since 1991, retired from the Supervisory Board. Senator Freudenberg had already been member of the ZEW founding commission, where he contributed practical advice to the discussion about the tasks of ZEW concerning the demands that industry places on a new economic research institute. After the institute’s foundation, the entrepreneur, who had been chairman of the Freudenberg & Co. Board of Partners from 1988 to mid-1997, has held the position of deputy chairman of the ZEW Supervisory Board for almost seven years and as such has been an esteemed contact person in the Executive Board.

With Dr. Strube’s joining the ZEW Supervisory Board, the existing link between economic research and entrepreneurial practice, which is of great significance for the successful work of the institute, will be maintained. This is not the first point of contact to ZEW for the law graduate who has been the head of one of Germany’s largest chemical company since 1990. Dr. Strube has already been member of ZEW’s Scientific Advisory Council, which actively supports the institute’s research on a continuous basis by providing constructive criticism. Apart from senator Freudenberg, Dr. Werner Schmidt, Head of Ministry Division at the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economy of Baden-Württemberg, also retired from the ZEW Supervisory Board. Dr. Schmidt has been member of the board since February 1993. He substantially promoted ZEW’s innovative approaches in the past years, especially in relation to the flexibility of the institute’s business management. Robert Fischer, Ministerial Counsellor at the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economy of Baden-Württemberg, will take his place in the ZEW Supervisory Board.


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