In November the CEP-Indicator of Economic Sentiment for China has improved by 26.3 points reaching a value of 30.8 points. The CEP-Indicator captures the expectations of financial market experts regarding the economic development in China over the course of the next twelve months. About 75 percent of the surveyed experts assume economic conditions to improve further.

Optimism concerning China’s current economic situation is rising in November, too. Compared to last month’s survey, the respective indicator rose by 5.1 points, obtaining a value of 21.8 points.

Considering the upcoming year, analysts expect the Chinese gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 7.6 percent.

While the majority of surveyed analysts expects the economic development in mainland China to improve further within the next twelve months, expectations about Hong Kong have been lowered. For the third time in a row its respective indicator declined. One third of all experts predicts a slight downturn in economic activity. At the same time, the city’s real estate prices are expected to level off.

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