ZEW is an economic research institute that provides practical and well-taught courses on general economic topics and a variety of professional skills.

In addition to its Expert Seminars, which are open to the general public, ZEW offers courses specially designed for organisations. Responding to clients’ specific needs, ZEW qualification experts develop custom training programmes in German and in English.

  • General Information About our Seminars

    General Information About our Seminars

    ZEW’s in-house education programme offers two types of seminars: 

    Basic and Advanced Economics

    • analysis and assessment of economic data
    • econometrics
    • business administration

    Soft Skills

    • leadership skills
    • communication strategies and conflict management 
    • moderation  techniques
    • business presentations skills
  • Basic and Advanced Economics

    Basic and Advanced Economics

    With nine research units conducting cutting-edge scientific work on a wide spectrum of topics, ZEW is one of Germany’s most prestigious economic research institutes with a Europe-wide reputation. Its highly trained research staff work together with experienced practitioners to provide clients with basic- and advanced-level training in economics.

    ZEW specializes in the following areas:

    Analysis and assessment of economic data

    • business cycle data
    • financial market data
    • company data


    • foundations of econometrics (regression analyses, time series models)
    • financial market econometrics
    • panel econometrics

    Topics in business administration

    • corporate finance
    • risk management
    • due diligence
    • employment law

    One particular offer of this type is the ten-week Professional Training Programme "Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies" that ZEW conducts on behalf of the GIZ.

  • Soft Skills

    Soft Skills

    In the working world, hard skills are not enough. Collaboration with clients, colleagues, employees, and superiors demands a high level of social intelligence. “Soft skills” such as effective communication are indispensible in everyday professional life, especially when handling challenging situations. For years, ZEW has offered seminars and individual coaching in:

    • leadership skills
    • communication strategies and conflict management
    • moderation techniques
    • presentation skills

    Along with soft skill courses for employees and managers from the world of business, the ZEW Professional Training Programme also offers special courses for research institutes, giving scholars the skills they need for their everyday scientific work.

    The following qualification programmes give you an overview of our soft skill courses:

  • Course Planning and Management

    Course Planning and Management

    ZEW’s Knowledge Transfer and Qualification Programme Department helps clients plan and execute seminars tailor-made to their individual needs. ZEW relies on a network of experienced experts from science and business – including many from its own ranks – who work closely together with clients to develop rigorous curricula and methods. 

    ZEW education experts provide professional course management that includes course planning, training materials, and certificates. Clients may also decide to hold their seminars at ZEW’s modern facilities in Mannheim.

    Please get in touch with us if you are interested in tailor-made professional qualification. ZEW will gladly send you a non-binding offer.


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