Public Relations and International Affairs

The Working Area Comprises

  • Office of the ZEW Sponsors’ Association for Science and Practice
  • ZEW Alumni Network

In 1993, dedicated companies and personalities founded the ZEW Sponsors’ Association for Science and Practice. Approximately 140 members support ZEW’s work both financially and in non-material ways, initiating and continually supporting practice-oriented research projects and events, and endowing prizes for outstanding scientific research conducted at ZEW. From an office located in the service department, the team plans and implements the numerous activities of the Sponsors’ Association and supports the board in its tasks.

New members are always welcome! If you’re interested, please send a short message to

Maintaining contact with former employees is a matter of great importance to ZEW, which is why the service department is in active exchange with its ZEW Alumni Network to foster those contacts on a permanent basis.


Katharina Kober

Katharina Kober

International Co-operation and Public Relations Officer Email Phone +49 (0)621 1235-302
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