The latest ZEW Seminar Programme has just been released. From October 2010 to June 2011, ZEW is once again offering a great number of expert-led seminars and symposiums.

Expert-led seminars and symposiums are special in that they are organised and run jointly by researchers and practitioners with real-world experience. These seminars therefore not only keep you up to date on the latest research in economics, but also augment this information with practical examples. ZEW holds over 50 events each year with the focus ranging from econometrics to financial market management, business management and organisation or taxation and even soft skills such as presentation techniques.

As in previous years, perennial favourites such as “Interpreting Economic Data Competently” or the “Qualification Programme in Econometrics” feature in the new programme, alongside new events, including a soft skills qualification programme aimed at researchers. You will also find new expert seminars on the introduction of legal experts in competition economics, the social return on investment and how to motivate employees as a manager. In addition, in 2010 ZEW will be hosting a new symposium on “green IT” in collaboration with the Gesellschaft für Energiewissenschaft und Energiepolitik (GEE).

ZEW will also be offering a wide range of further training courses, including qualifications in both German and English that are specifically tailored to address the particular needs of companies and institutions. The seminars are planned by ZEW experts, who work closely with clients to ensure that the most relevant content and methods are used.

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