Working at ZEW and Living in Baden-Württemberg

All the advantages of THE LÄND can also be found in Mannheim, where ZEW is located.

As one of Germany’s leading economic research institutes, ZEW Mannheim is continuously on the lookout for talented individuals to support its politically relevant economic research and science-based policy advice. We are seeking individuals who can bring a fresh perspective to economic issues and contribute to enriching the economic policy debate, whether as a researcher in one of our nine research units, as a science-supporting colleague in our communications or general services units, as an apprentice, or as a student assistant. Located in Mannheim, ZEW combines all of Baden-Württemberg’s advantages and takes pride in being part of THE LÄND.

Working in Baden-Württemberg – THE LÄND means working in Germany’s largest industrial hub. THE LÄND boasts consistent growth, high innovation power, and an increasing concentration of experts. It’s not just global players that contribute to our strong economy, but also start-ups and hidden champions. With its sustainability, scenic regions, cultural highlights, and diverse population, Baden-Württemberg offers a unique work-life balance. ZEW Mannheim is proud to be part of this top scientific location, providing attractive job opportunities in a most liveable environment.