Study on Growth Stimuli in the “Internet of Services”


According to a recent study looking at the economic potential of the “Internet of Services”, a new service sector with the potential to become a billion-dollar industry has established itself online. This will benefit not only the German ICT sector, but the national economy as a whole. However, it is essential that companies and lawmakers quickly recognise and systematically exploit this growth potential.

The study was conducted by Berlecon Research in collaboration with the ISS International Business School of Management, the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and Pierre Audoin consultants on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The main goal of the study was to qualitatively and quantitatively analyse the economic potential of the Internet of Services and identify the opportunities and challenges it presents for Germany specifically. Through the analysis of ICT provider markets and selected ICT user sectors, the study provides specific recommendations to inform both German economic and technology policy and the business strategies of ICT providers and ICT user firms.