Karen Epding-Zawatzky has been working in the area of "International Co-operation and Public Relations" since January 2021 and is responsible for the ZEW - Förderkreis Wissenschaft und Praxis e. V. as well as the contact person for the ZEW Alumni Network. She studied English, German and Economics at Michigan State University and the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg. As the daughter of German emigrants and a native of America, she returned to Germany for professional reasons after completing her studies.

Scientific communication shaped her entire professional life: Before Karen Epding-Zawatzky came to ZEW, she worked at the Klaus Tschira Foundation for the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation, was a lecturer at the English Department of the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and worked for German Cancer Research Center at the Institute of Applied Tumor Virology under the direction of Prof. Harald zur Hausen, Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine 2008.

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International Co-operation and Public Relations


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