Technology markets are markets where codified technological knowledge is traded. This knowledge is typically protected by intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models or designs. These IPRs can be traded either in the form of a transfer of ownership (buying/selling) or in the form of temporary use (licensing in/out). At present, however, technology markets are still underdeveloped due to high search costs, information asymmetries between suppliers and buyers in terms of the economic value of the underlying technology and the risk of information leakage, although there is demand on the part of both suppliers (inventors) and buyers (companies). This project is a feasibility study whose overall objective is to provide an overview of the data sets and methodologies that can be used to identify and quantify technology markets and the transactions carried out on them. In particular, it is aimed at evaluating,

  • the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with the use of individual data sets;
  • the resources required to use and continuously update certain indicators that can be derived from these data sets; and
  • the extent to which the respective data sets are suitable for answering certain questions about the extent of transactions, the volume of transactions and the development over time, as well as the representation of the players involved in the market and their characteristics in terms of industry affiliation, company size or age.

Selected Publications


Peters, Bettina, Josefine Diekhof, Hannes Marks, Christoph Grimpe and Wolfgang Sofka (2021), Machbarkeitsstudie , Expertenkommission für Forschung und Innovation, Mannheim und Kopenhagen. Download