Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

Tykvova, Tereza and Uwe Walz (2007), How Important is Participation of Different VCs in German IPOs?, Global Finance Journal 17, 350-378.

Monographs, Contributions to Edited Volumes

Tykvova, Tereza (2006), German Banks as Venture Capitalists, in: Gregoriou, G. N., M. Kooli and R. Kräussl Elsevier 331-341.

Discussion and Working Papers

Tykvova, Tereza and Uwe Walz (2004), Are IPOs of Different VCs Different?, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 04-32, Mannheim. Download

Tykvova, Tereza (2004), Who Are the True Venture Capitalists in Germany?, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 04-16, Mannheim. Download

Project duration

01.04.2001 - 30.04.2004

Project members

Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz (Coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Tereza Tykvova