The project evaluates the support programme „ERP Capital for start-up“ which supports persons setting up their own businesses with long-term subordinated loan up to the amount of 500,000 Euro. The programme supports the foundation of new businesses, the acquisition of and the participation in existing businesses, and consolidation measures up to three years after start-up.
The evaluation includes the programme effects in the supported firms as well as the overall economic effects of the programme. Data of the KfW relating to the support programme in connection with the Mannheim Enterprise Panel (MUP) and the Mannheim Start-up Panel are used as data basis. Supported and non-supported firms are compared with respect to business development in order to assess to which extent the programme generates additional employment, sales, investment and innovation. Surveys among support recipients and the financial institutions in charge of transmitting the loan about the programme effects give addi-tional information. The overall economic effects are related to the programme volume in order to assess the economic efficiency of the programme.
The evaluation result is to serve as a basis of decision about the continuation and further devel-opment of the programme.