Over the last years an increasing number of models have been developed and implemented in the research department. This models comprise the European Tax Analyzer, the Devereux-Griffith-Model (DG), the ZEW TaxCoMM, a model for highly skilled employees and a model of inheritance tax. The different focuses of these models have raised the demands on efficiency and professionalism of the IT-infrastructure. For that reason the project is an important requirement to guarantee the integrity and the archiving of the data for all applied models. The project has two strategic goals: On the one hand it will contribution to high quality standards and cost reduction in the research department. On the other hand it is a pilot project for the implementation of a wiki by using the Confluence-software which could also be an approach in other research contexts and other research departments.

Project duration

01.07.2012 - 30.04.2017


Manuel Halter

Project members

Prof. Dr. Christoph Spengel (Coordinator)
Manuel Halter
Oliver Klar
Prof. Dr. Katharina Nicolay
Eric Retzlaff