In this research project we present the commonly employed set of innovation indicators and demonstrate the limitations thereof. Our target is to develop new approaches in order to tackle and remedy these identified shortcomings along the set of innovation indicators.

We particularly aim at the question, how can we represent accurately with indicators the interplay of different, single actors within an innovation system? On the one hand, we examine the knowledge transfer between actors. And on the other hand, we investigate the actors’ prerequisites and conditions that are necessary for achieving an effective knowledge transfer. While doing so we consider that new intelligent and digital technologies as well as new organizational forms significantly change the interaction and communication processes of actors within a system.
In short, we target to advance the established set of innovation indicators particularly in the following three areas:

  1. new indicators for actors’ interactions and knowledge transfer
  2. new indicators for implementing external knowledge in organizations
  3. validity of established indicators on interaction and knowledge transfer as well as of synoptic indicator systems on an international comparison

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Diekhof, Josefine, Bastian Krieger, Georg Licht, Christian Rammer, Johannes Schmitt and Gero Stenke (2021), The Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on Innovation, First In-sights from the German Business Sector, ZEW expert brief No. 21-06, Mannheim. Download


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