Publications of the Research Unit Environmental and Climate Economics

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    Energy Conversion and Storage: The Value of Reversible Power-to-Gas Systems

    In the transition to decarbonized energy systems, Power-to-Gas (PtG) processes have the potential to connect the existing markets for electricity and hydrogen. Specifically, reversible PtG systems can convert…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    Corporate Carbon Reduction Pledges: An Effective Tool to Mitigate Climate Change?

    In the intensifying public debate about limiting the harmful effects of climate change, many global corporations have recently articulated so-called “net-zero” goals for reducing and ultimately eliminating their…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    The Impact of Carbon Prices on Renewable Energy Support

    This paper examines how optimal renewable energy (RE) support (RES) policies need to be adjusted to account for carbon prices. We show theoretically and empirically that changing carbon prices requires…

  4. Refereed Journal // 2021

    Gesellschaftliche Asymmetrien, Prosozialität und ein drittes Prinzip - Perspektiven auf moderne Gesellschaften im Anschluss an Marcel Mauss' Essay Die Gabe

    Marcel Mauss wrote in 1924 that he had found in the motifs of the "archaic" gift exchange of pre-modern societies "one of the rocks on which our societies rest" (Mauss, 1990, p.19). Gift practices persist in…

  5. ZEWnews English edition // 2021

    05/06 - 2021

  6. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    Groundwork for Social-Ecological Transformations: The Social Contract, Global Governance and the Meaning of Time

    A decade ago, the German Advisory Council to the Federal Government on Global Environmental Change (Wissenschaftlichen Beirats der Bundesregierung für Globale Umweltveränderungen–WBGU) published its main report.…

  7. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    How Effective Is Carbon Pricing? – A Machine Learning Approach to Policy Evaluation

    While carbon taxes are generally seen as a rational policy response to climate change, knowledge about their performance from an expost perspective is still limited. This paper analyzes the emissions and cost…