ZEW Expertises

  1. Expertises // 2020

    Kommunale Antworten auf die Globale Corona-Krise: Finanzen, Innovationskraft und Lebensqualität verbessern

    This expertise shows based on quantitative and qualitative analyses which challenges arising from the current Corona-Crisis German local communities face. The COVID-19 pandemic is dramatically worsening the…

  2. Expertises // 2020

    The Implication of School Admission Rules for Segregation and Educational Inequality

    In this research project we investigate how the design of school assignment rules affects social segregation and its implications for social inequality. The context of our study is the Hungarian school system,…

  3. Expertises // 2020

    Effective Tax Levels Using the Devereux/Griffith Methodology - Update 2019

    The aim of this study is to determine effective tax rates for the 28 EU countries as well as Switzerland, Norway, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, USA, Canada and Japan. The calculation of domestic and…

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Kerstin Heres

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