IAB/ZEW Start-up Panel


The IAB/ZEW Start-up Panel is a representative data sample providing information on business start-ups and new companies in Germany. The data serve as a suitable basis for describing and analysing the structure and development of start-up businesses. In terms of both sample size and the level of detail provided, the IAB/ZEW Start-up Panel is a unique data source and has already been used by a great number of publications and projects as a source of background information on the business situation and dynamics of start-ups and on the development of funding instruments for start-up businesses in Germany. This report begins by providing a description of the current economic situation of business start-ups in Germany before presenting analyses looking at the involvement of women in start-ups, with a particular focus on the strategic outlook of their companies, as well as the application of digital technologies in new companies.


IAB/ZEW Gründungspanel

IAB/ZEW Gründungspanel 2018

  • Die wirtschaftliche Situation junger Unternehmen 2017
  • Start-Ups und Datenschutz: Junge Unternehmen und die Einführung der Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) der Europäischen Union (EU)
  • Persönlichkeitsmerkmale von Gründerinnen und Gründern

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