This paper analyzes the role of labor market institutions for youth unemployment, as contrasted to total unemployment. The empirical results are basically consistent with an insider view of labor market institutions. Labor market institutions tend to protect (older) employees but might harm (young) entrants. Remarkable is especially the significant and very high effect of employment protection for regular jobs on youth unemployment. In addition, the combined effects of powerful unions and a coordinated wage bargaining system are beneficial for older people and detrimental to youth. Finally, the paper establishes significant labor supply effects and effects of the education system on youth and total unemployment.

Sachs, Andreas and Werner Smolny (2014), Youth Unemployment in the OECD: The Role of Institutions, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-080, Mannheim. Download


Sachs, Andreas
Smolny, Werner


Youth Unemployment; Labor Market Institutions; Education System