One aim of the Innovation Union is to create a Single Innovation Market. In order to achieve this goal, 5 different commitments have been implemented within the Innovation Union: - C14: Deliver the EU Patent (including unified system of dispute settlement) - C15: Screen the regulatory framework in key areas (starting with those linked to eco-innovation and European Innovation Partnerships) - C16: Speed up and modernise standard-setting - C17: Set aside dedicated national procurement budgets for innovation. Set up a EU level support mechanism and facilitate joint procurement - C18: Present an eco-innovation action plan The report provides a literature review for each of these commitments which will serve as input for the impact assessment in the next step of the H2020 project I3U Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union.

Behrens, Vanessa, Paul Hünermund, Sandra M. Leitner, Georg Licht and Bettina Peters (2016), Creating a Single Innovation Market – Literature Review and Data Collection, I3U Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union – Deliverable D 4-1, Mannheim and Wien. Download