MaCCI Law and Economics Conference: Competition Policy of the Web Search Engine Market


The web search engine market is dominated by only a few companies, especially by Google. The European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation in 2010 against the American company which once was so sympathetic. Google is suspected to have abused its predominant market position, e.g. by a better placement of own services in its search results. The Commission further accuses the company of forcing advertising partners to place their whole advertisement via Google and thus restrains the competition between the different search engines. Google has offered to make concessions concerning the pending case. It is still unclear if Google has to pay an antitrust fine.

The antitrust problem of the Google investigation is only one example in the fast-moving markets of the internet industry. The conference is supposed to be a forum for an interdisciplinary discussion on current competition policy issues in the network industry. In the focus will be the problem whether and to what extent antitrust control is appropriate to guarantee a stable functioning of the markets in the area of the differentiated search engine industry, and more generally, in the internet economy, or whether a sector-specific regulation is necessary.


  • Dr. Sebastian von Engelhardt (University of Jena)
  • Prof. Dr. Friedemann Kainer (University of Mannheim)
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Dewenter (DICE Düsseldorf)
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Müller-Terpitz (University of Mannheim)
  • Prof. Dr. Torsten Körber (University of Göttingen)
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kerber (University of Marburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Boris Paal (University of Freiburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Peitz (University of Mannheim)
  • Inquired: Commission/Federal Cartel Office - depending on the state of the pending Google case

Programme and Further Information

Programme and further information (as PDF file, 161 KB)


Conference participation is free of charge. Conference material, coffee breaks, and lunch will be covered by MaCCI. Please note that the number of participants is limited. Participants are required to register for the conference. Please register at:

Information on MaCCI

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The Leibniz ScienceCampus Mannheim Centre for Competiton and Innovation (MaCCI) is a joint initiative of the School of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). MaCCI wants to foster the exchange between researchers of law and economy issues within the areas of research on competition policy, regulation, and innovation. MaCCI was launched in 2012 and is jointly funded by the Leibniz Association, the State of Baden-Württemberg, the University of Mannheim, and ZEW.

MaCCI offers many activities: it organises a number of regular events including the MaCCI Annual Conference, the MaCCI Competition Law & Economics Conference, and the Mannheim Competition Policy Forum (MCPF). MaCCI was also involved in a project on net neutrality commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as in a project on cartel damages. MaCCI combines legal and economic competencies in order to investigate competition policy issues of practical relevance and to develop independent proposals for the praxis of the competition law.




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