The presented paper in this Virtual Market Design Seminar analyze the implications of introducing priority service on customers' welfare. In monopoly markets, introducing priority service decreases the customers' surplus despite increasing the assignment efficiency: the monopolist extracts from customers a total payment higher than the total efficiency gain generated by the service and hence leaves customers worse off compared with the situation where no priority is offered at all. In duopoly markets with homogeneous customers the equilibrium price and customers' welfare coincide with the monopoly outcome where this monopolist faces half of the market. With heterogeneous customers priority can improve the aggregated customers' welfare, yet in equilibrium service providers extract a very substantial part of the gains of the improved allocation. Their conclusion is that priority service erects barriers to competition that are embedded in the nature of the service provided, with the victims of these barriers primarily being agents with low willingness or low ability to pay for the priority.


Eyal Winter

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Lancaster University, UK

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The idea for this format was borrowed from the Chamberlain Seminar. Other online seminars can be found at the AEA website.

The Virtual Market Design Seminar is an open online alternative to seminars cancelled due to the COVID-19. Seminars will cover all fields from market design. The seminar presentations are scheduled to last 60 minutes, after 45 minutes of presentation, 15 minutes are for both comments and question.


27.07.2020 | 16:00 - 17:00 (CET)

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