New Publication: Präsentieren in Wissenschaft und Forschung (Barbara Hey)

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The lecture is the calling card of any researcher, providing them the opportunity to present their research findings, methods and even themselves to a wider audience. In such a lecture, it is not only content that matters, but how it is presented. Presentation skills are therefore essential to delivering a good academic lecture. This book deals concisely with the particular issues and needs of researchers when it comes to giving academic presentations. The book describes in great detail what researchers need to look out for in each section of their lecture.

Springer Verlag, Heidelberg 2010, ISBN 978-3-642-14586-5

Barbara Hey has been a trainer and project manager in the “Knowledge Transfer & Qualification Programmes” Service Department at the Centre for European Economic Research since 1999. Barbara studied business economics at the University of Applied Sciences, Worms, and the Thames Valley University in London. She also had the opportunity to expand her expertise in the field of psychology through a postgraduate course at the Open University of Hagen. The main focus of her work at ZEW is on areas such as professional presentation, moderation and communication. Barbara Hey offers training, coaching and counselling to researchers and business leaders.


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