Although Europe has seen major growth in defined contribution (DC) plans, there has not been a uniform development across countries. The importance, form, regulation and product requirements of DC differ from country to country. It is very much an open question – and the starting point of this survey – whether DC plans will come to dominate the European pension landscape and, if so, in what form. While there is extensive survey research on the shift towards DC and the resulting challenges, this current survey takes a significantly different approach. It focuses on expectations and future trends in the DC area and is explicitly forward-looking. By exploring the opinions of noted pension experts and key professionals within the industry, it aims to gain a comprehensive insight into the emerging European pension landscape. The key critical questions are: how do pension experts expect the DC markets in Europe to develop over the next years, which form of DC plans will prevail in the respective counties and how will they be regulated? By shedding new light on these questions, we will contribute to the ongoing debate about DC in Europe.


Allianz Global Investors , München , DE

Project duration

01.04.2009 - 30.11.2009


Project members

Dr. Wojtek Piaskowski (Coordinator)
Dr. Michael Schröder