This report summarises and evaluates main indicators of technological competitiveness of the German economy and provides an outlook for the years ahead. We use intertemporal and cross-country comparisons of primary scientific and technological indicators. In addition, the report deals with selected issues of innovation policy agenda. The major emphasis of the report is on current and future challenges faced by the German innovation system. Especially, we will focus on

  • Germany´s position regarding international technology competition
  • Productivity, R&D, and innovation: Assessment and perspectives of German firms´
  • Sectoral innovation systems
  • Scientific research and technology transfer
  • Demand for skilled-labour and incentives to invest in human capital
  • National and EU innovation
  • Innovation policy mix and the innovation political agenda

Selected Publications


Egeln, Jürgen, Birgit Gehrke, Harald Legler, Georg Licht, Christian Rammer and Ulrich Schmoch (2007), Bericht zur technologischen Leistungsfähigkeit Deutschlands 2007, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), Bonn, Berlin. Download