The main purpose of the project is to categorize patents according to whether they reflect product vs. process inventions. The project involves a large-scale categorization of ‘technological fields’ and the validation with text search methods. Based on coded patent records, technological life-cycles following the introduction of product and process inventions are traced. In the analytical part, the project distinguishes between different forms of spillovers related to products and processes and analyse the impacts of these spillovers on:
i) innovation performance;
ii) research and labour productivity; and
iii) entry/exit in technological fields.
The distinction between product and process inventions pertains to many questions studied in the context of the competition-innovation relationship, the so-called technological life-cycles and sequential innovations. Given the lack of comprehensive data, the topic is highly relevant for firms, researchers and policy-makers.

Selected Publications


Banholzer, Nicolas, Vanessa Behrens, Stefan Feuerriegel, Sebstian Heinrich, Christian Rammer, Ulrich Schmoch, Florian Seliger and Martin Wörter (2019), Knowledge Spillovers from Product and Process Inventions in Patents and their Impact on Firm Performance, European Patent Office, Zürich. Download