In the future ERT will shed some more light on the short-term outlook of European economy and its leading European companies as well as on the medium term development of the competitive environment in Europe. Therefore, it is planned to establish a new economic confidence survey based on data provided by its Members on confidential basis and publicly available country-specific indicators. In this way ERT expects to develop into a powerful voice for economic rationale analysis in and for Europe. In order to increase the public uptake of economic messages from its members a regular economic outlook will be developed and published including an appropriate communication and dissemination strategy. ZEW will develop a regular survey in a close collaboration with ERT. Furthermore, it will implement and conduct a test survey and a first full version of the survey. In addition, ZEW will prepare a background report for the ERT members on survey results. This background report will comprise an interpretation of results which is limited to general comments of the regular- biannual – survey questions as well as background material for the special questions and suggestions for the interpretation of the results. It should be noted that such interpretations should not lead to any recommendations. The contribution and support of ZEW for the development phase is divided into two work packages. The first one consists of a test phase (first work package) containing a full test of the procedures to arrive at a biannual economic outlook survey, whereas the second work package includes the first round of the biannual outlook survey.

Project duration

01.05.2017 - 31.01.2020

Project members

Dr. Georg Licht (Coordinator)
Markus Trunschke