The aim of our study is to contribute to explaining the difference in male and female labour market performance in different countries of the European Union. The main contribution of this research is the use of a new microeconometric approach that accounts for selectivity in the labour market. The study comprises a comparative analysis of different econometric techniques for estimating wage equations that go beyond the standard Heckman correction. We provide empirical evidence on the selectivity-corrected gender wage gap for different EU countries, including an EU-level analysis.

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Beblo, Miriam, Denis Beninger, François Laisney and Anja Heinze (2003), Measuring Selectivity-Corrected Gender Wage Gaps in the EU, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 03-74, Mannheim. Download


Beblo, Miriam, Denis Beninger, Anja Heinze and François Laisney (2003), Methodological issues related to the analysis of gender gaps in employment, earnings and career progression, Final report, Project carried out for the European Commission, Employment and Social Affairs DG, Mannheim.

Project duration

13.12.2002 - 13.08.2003


Dr. Denis Beninger
Prof. Dr. Miriam Beblo

Project members

Dr. Denis Beninger
Prof. Dr. Miriam Beblo
Dr. Anja Heinze
Prof. Dr. François Laisney