The sustained low interest rate environment provides consumers and banks in Germany with challenges and, at the same time, opportunities. Opportunities of the low interest rates could, for example, be that private investors are more inclined to invest in higher risk and return assets. The particular current market conditions provide an opportunity for banks to learn more about the decision-making behavior of their customers and to explore the determinants of this behavior. The aim of the project is to understand how and why exactly certain financial decisions of consumers in the current environment are taken. Options of action will be developed that can help to improve financial decisions of private households in Germany.

Selected Publications


Lerbs, Oliver and Jenny Pirschel (2017), Auswirkungen von Niedrigzinsen auf das Verhalten von Banken in Dänemark, Mannheim. Download


ING Diba AG , Frankfurt am Main , DE

Project duration

13.09.2016 - 13.09.2018