In this project, panel data are collected on secondary school pupils in the cities Mannheim and Freiburg.  The aim is to observe their transitions from lower secondary school into higher secondary education and dual education.
This dataset will make it possible to analyze empirically the educational career choices of pupils in the specific context of the educational system of Baden-Württemberg (including for instance the professional Gymnasium or the Werkrealschulen).

A first research objective is to identify which socio-economic factors, skills and psychological traits influence the educational choices of secondary school pupils.

Secondly, the comparison of the cities of Mannheim and Freiburg allows assessing the relevance of the local context on the educational choices. Thirdly, the effectivity of career orientation tools shall be assessed through a web-based intervention.
Finally, we investigate the development of labor market relevant skills in the different types of secondary schools tracks. bwstiftung

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Fitzenberger, Bernd, Annette Hillerich-Sigg and Maresa Sprietsma (2019), Different Counselors, Many Options: Career Guidance and Career Plans in Secondary Schools, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 19-009, Mannheim. Download


Baden-Württemberg Stiftung gGmbH , Stuttgart , DE

Project duration

01.01.2013 - 30.06.2016

Project members

Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, PhD
Prof. Dr. Holger Bonin
Annette Hillerich-Sigg
Dr. Maresa Sprietsma