Our paper deals with the welfare and employment effects of green tax reforms. In the first part we develop a flexible, interactive simulation model which is accessible under http://brw.zew.de. Users can specify their own green tax reforms or emission quotas and quantify welfare and employment effects. He or she can choose between different model variants, e. g. closed or small open economies with or without unemployment. In the second part we describe the numerical model specifications and explain some simulation calculations by means of examples. Some exercises for classroom use are available on the above mentioned web-site.

Böhringer, Christoph, Anna Ruocco and Wolfgang Wiegard (2001), Energy Taxes and Employment: A Do-it-yourself Simulation Model, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 01-21, Mannheim. Download


Böhringer, Christoph
Ruocco, Anna
Wiegard, Wolfgang