Presenting in English –

Expert Seminars

Prepare Yourself for an International Audience

Business life is nowadays mostly international. It is widely recognised that the ability to present your work, your product, your ideas or yourself in English is an essential attribute for success. This course focuses on building up confidence in your presentation style. Become familiar with the key elements of a successful presentation and take advantage of the opportunity to apply them in practice. Learn about the cultural differences in presentations. The number of participants in the course is limited to allow time for individual guidance and feedback by the trainer and fellow participants.


  • Particular features of a presentation in an international context: identifying audience needs, setting the objectives, structuring arguments, and using visualisation media
  • Tips, tricks and tools for international presentations: involving the audience, dealing with difficult situations, questions, participants, and nervousness
  • Specific idioms and tools for presentations in English: being aware of cultural dimensions, polishing up your language, and minding your manners
  • Practical exercises and presentations of the participants

Target  Group

This training is for "non-native-speakers" who are fluent in English but would like more practice and guidance for presenting in English.

Additional Information

The number of participants is limited.





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