The competitiveness of modern firms depends increasingly on their ability to generate new products, services and processes on a continuous basis. Hence, the core of the creative act is no longer an isolated innovative product or process but the organizational design of structures and procedures that will create a pipeline of innovations. These organizational innovations receive more and more attention in recent academic and management discussion.
Moreover, several highly successful companies have begun to build their business models around rather established technologies (e.g. Starbucks). They are able to re-combine these existing technologies into a new and unique customer experiences for which the latter are willing to pay. These marketing innovations provide interesting pathways for firms beyond traditionally technology-driven competitive assets.
The core of this project is therefore the analyses of organizational and marketing innovations. On the one hand, it investigates the necessary competitive resources that enable firms to engage in these new types of innovation. On the other hand, it evaluates their performance effects. Finally, substitutive as well as synergetic relationships with traditional forms of technological innovations are analyzed.

Project duration

01.01.2009 - 31.12.2009

Project members

Prof. Dr. Christoph Grimpe (Coordinator)
Dr. Christian Köhler
Associate Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sofka