This research project compares the present R&D and innovation behaviour of firms located in the German federal state Lower Saxony with national level. The analysis is based on data from the Mannheim Innovation Panels (MIP) covering the period 1999-2001. At the same time it delivered updated information of a special analysis for Lower Saxony which was done in 2000 covering the data period up to 1998 (Innovation Activities of Firms in Lower Saxony).

4 topics are tackled:

  • R&D activities of firms in Lower Saxony,
  • innovation activities of firms in Lower Saxony,
  • innovation success of firms in Lower Saxony and
  • sources of innovation, hampering factors and innovation cooperation for firms in Lower Saxony.
Project duration

01.09.2003 - 30.09.2003

Project members

Dr. Christian Rammer (Coordinator)
Tobias Schmidt


Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics