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ZEW-PwC China Economic Barometer - Government Industrial Policy Raises Skepticism among German Managers in China

Skepticism is increasing among managers of German firms in the People’s Republic concerning regulatory conditions in the world’s second largest economy. The majority of decision-makers, however, still expect the trade activities of German firms in China to grow in the upcoming six months. This is the key result of the ZEW-PwC China Economic Barometer in the third quarter of 2014. The ZEW-PwC China Economic Barometer surveys executives of German firms in China about their expectations regarding the overall macroeconomic development, the development of the legal and regulatory environment, as well as investment and merger activities in various industries. read more


2014 KfW/ZEW CO2 Barometer Carbon Edition – New Phase, old Problems

At the beginning of the third trading period in 2013, the carbon prices in the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), which have constantly been on a low level, again hardly provide incentives for companies to introduce carbon abatement measures. Over the long term the surveyed companies expect price increases. However, the price for carbon certificates would have to be above EUR 30 per tCO2, i.e. six times higher than the average price in 2013, to create incentives for implementing CO2 mitigation measures. This number by far exceeds the price increase expected by the companies. read more


German Family Policy Has a Positive Effect on Birth Rates

Without the existing government-funded support for families, the number of births in Germany would be notably smaller. This is the result of a recently published study conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Forschungszentrum Familienbewusste Personalpolitik (FFP), the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and researchers from the universities of Cologne and Duisburg-Essen. read more

Knowledge Transfer and Qualification Programmes

2014-15 ZEW Seminar Programme Published – New Seminars on China Competence, Statistics and Strategic Management in Scientific Organisations

The new seminar programme of ZEW is now available. From September 2014 to June 2015 ZEW once again offers numerous Expert Seminars on current issues. The spectrum of seminar topics ranges from econometrics, financial market analysis and financial management to business administration and organisation. New additions to the programme include the new Expert Seminars ”Statistik und Datenanalyse – Eine praxisorientierte Einführung“ (Statistics and Data Analysis – A Practical Introduction) as well as “China-Kompetenz für Wissenschaftler – Effizient und effektiv mit chinesischen Forschern kooperieren“ (China Competence for Scientists – Efficient and Effective Co-Operation with Chinese Researchers). Joint organisation and moderation by researchers and experienced practitioners is characteristic of ZEW Expert Seminars. ZEW instructor teams combine the latest research results with practical professional experience. read more

Dates and News

Is Germany’s Dual Vocational Education System Ready for Export? - Minister Peter Friedrich Consulted ZEW

Peter Friedrich, Minister for the Bundesrat, Europe and International Affairs in Baden-Württemberg, visited the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) on September 1, 2014. He met ZEW President Professor Clemens Fuest, who gave an overview of the institute’s current research and activities on the EU level. The minister was especially interested opportunities to export the German dual vocational education system to other European Union Member States, and in possibilities to train EU citizens in Germany. Both measures could help combating youth unemployment in Europe, in particular in the southern EU Member States, where youth unemployment has reached record levels. read more

Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies (MPS+)

Experts and Executive Staff from Vietnamese Institutions Visit ZEW

Experts and executive staff from Asia are participating in the qualification programme "Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies" (MPS+) in Mannheim for the sixth time. Organised and hosted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), the programme features courses and trainings on a variety of topics related to economic policy. This year ZEW welcomes 20 participants from different Vietnamese government institutions, including the country's central bank and several ministries. In the next two months they will attend in-depth training and seminars on macroeconomic issues at ZEW. read more

China Economic Panel

China Economic Panel (CEP) - Financial Experts Keep Forecasting China's Economic Outlook as Robust

International financial analysts' expectations concerning the macroeconomic development in China remain positive according to the new results of the China Economic Panel (CEP). The CEP Indicator, which reflects assessments of financial experts regarding the business cycle in China over the course of the next twelve months, decreased by 0.3 points in the current survey period (August 26 to September 1, 2014). At its new level of 18.8 points, the index still outmatches the long-term average of 16.0 points. The CEP Indicator is computed using the margin of optimistic and pessimistic assessments within the panel of experts. read more


MaCCI Law and Economics Conference on Financial Regulation and Competition (November 6-7, 2014)

The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and the University of Mannheim jointly host the MaCCI Law and Economics Conference on Financial Regulation and Competition in Mannheim on November 6 and 7, 2014. The objective of the conference is to assess the role of financial regulation in the competition among financial services providers in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The MaCCI Law and Economics Conference provides a platform for discussion between academic researchers in law, economics, and business administration as well as practitioners from government institutions (regulatory bodies, market supervisors, central banks etc.), law firms, and financial services providers. We invite interested participants (non-presenters) to register online no later than October 13. Please note that only a limited number of non-presenters will be able to attend. The conference fee is EUR 100 for academic participants and EUR 200 for non-academic participants. It covers conference materials, coffee, lunches, and the conference dinner. read more


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