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Kerstin Heres
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Gunter Grittmann
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New Publications

Discussion Papers

Nico Pestel and Eric Sommer (2015), Shifting Taxes from Labor to Consumption: More Employment and more Inequality, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-042, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 1,07 MB)

Maximilian Blömer, Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest, Max Löffler, and Andreas Peichl (2015), German Public Finances Through the Financial Crisis, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-041, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 336 KB)

Claudia Fries (2015), Spillover Effects of Labour Market Reforms in a Three-Country World, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-040, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 964 KB)

Bernd Fitzenberger and Katrin Sommerfeld (2015), A Sequential Decomposition of the Drop in Collective Bargaining Coverage, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-039, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 360 KB)

Financial Market Report Switzerland

Credit Suisse and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim have been carrying out the Financial Market Test Switzerland (a monthly survey of financial market analysts) since June 2006. Detailed results of the survey conducted between 1 June and 12 June 2015 are published here.

Download (as PDF file, 172 KB)

German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI Report)

The German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) has a reading of 29.7 points in the second quarter of 2015, the second highest value since the survey was launched in 2011. Due to a shift in the assessment of the financing situation (past six months) and noticeably less optimistic financing expectations (coming six months), the index decreased by 9.4 points compared to the all-time high in the previous quarter.

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The current DIFI Report contains further information (in German)

ZEW policy brief

Fighting cartels is a major priority of EU competition policy. Acting in concert with national competition authorities in the EU, the European Commission (EC) has made considerable efforts to promote competitiveness by detecting and punishing cartels. Many commentators argue that the introduction of the EC leniency programme (LP) in 1996 is likely a key enabler. Given the substantial increase in both the number of detected cartels and the average fine per cartel member, it comes as no surprise that a growing number of convicted firms have considered filing an appeal against EC decisions. This paper presents the key results of an empirical ZEW study on the determinants of self-reporting under the European LP and discusses the characteristics of firms filing an appeal, as well as the factors that determine their success in terms of fine reduction.

Download the policy brief (as PDF file, 73 KB)


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