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Kerstin Heres
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Felix Kretz
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Gunter Grittmann
E-Mail: grittmann@zew.de
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Yvonne Bräutigam
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New Publications

Discussion Papers

Philipp Böing and Elisabeth Müller (2015), Measuring Patent Quality in International Comparison ? Index Development and Application to China, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-051, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 204 KB)

Hanna Hottenrott and Cornelia Lawson (2015), Flying the Nest: How the Home Department Shapes Researchers' Career Paths, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-050, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 256 KB)

Zareh Asatryan, Friedrich Heinemann, and Hans Pitlik (2015), Reforming the Public Administration: The Role of Crisis and the Power of Bureaucracy, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-049, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 472 KB)

Wolfgang Briglauer, Klaus Gugler, and Adhurim Haxhimusa (2015), Facility- and Service-based Competition and Investment in Fixed Broadband Networks: Lessons from a Decade of Access Regulations in the European Union Member States, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 15-048, Mannheim. Download (as PDF file, 468 KB)

Financial Market Report Switzerland

Credit Suisse and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim have been carrying out the Financial Market Test Switzerland (a monthly survey of financial market analysts) since June 2006. Detailed results of the survey conducted between 29 June and 13 July 2015 are published here.

Download (as PDF file, 186 KB)

Financial Market Report CEE

ZEW, the Centre for European Economic Research, Mannheim, and Erste Group Bank AG, Vienna, carry out a monthly survey among approximately 160 financial market experts for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Austria, as well as the Eurozone. The experts are asked for their assessments and expectations with regard to economic and financial market data. The June issue of the "Financial Market Report CEE" contains the results of the current survey, conducted between April 29, 2015 and May 18, 2015, as well as an overview of the development of the indicators over the last three months. The answers of all survey participants are included in the calculation of the indicators for the CEE region, the Eurozone and Turkey. The answers of the Turkish participants are not considered for the calculation of the indicators for the individual CEE countries and Austria.

Download June Issue (as PDF, 180 KB)


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