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Kerstin Heres
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Felix Kretz
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Gunter Grittmann
E-Mail: grittmann@zew.de
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Yvonne Bräutigam
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New Publications

Discussion Papers

Martin Kesternich, Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel, and Dr. Daniel Römer (2014), The Long-Term Impact of Matching and Rebate Subsidies when Public Goods are Impure: Field Experimental Evidence from the Carbon Offsetting Market, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-098, Mannheim. Download (als PDF-Datei, 496 KB)

Michael Kosfeld, Dr. Susanne Neckermann, and Xiaolan Yang (2014), Knowing that You Matter, Matters! The Interplay of Meaning, Monetary Incentives, and Worker Recognition, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-097, Mannheim. Download (als PDF-Datei, 304 KB)

Michael Gibbs, Dr. Susanne Neckermann, and Christoph Siemroth (2014), A Field Experiment in Motivating Employee Ideas, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-096, Mannheim. Download (als PDF-Datei, 320 KB)

Dr. Mathias Dolls, Prof. Dr. Clemens Fuest, Dr. Dirk Neumann, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Peichl (2014), An Unemployment Insurance Scheme for the Euro Area? A Comparison of Different Alternatives using Micro Data, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-095, Mannheim. Download (als PDF-Datei, 460 KB)

Financial Market Report Switzerland

Credit Suisse and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim have been carrying out the Financial Market Test Switzerland (a monthly survey of financial market analysts) since June 2006. Detailed results of the survey conducted between 3 and 17 November 2014 are published here.

Download (as PDF, 244 KB)


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