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Financial Market Survey Central and Eastern Europe

ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) - Confidence Continues to Grow

In December 2014 economic expectations for Central and Eastern Europe including Turkey (CEE region) improve considerably. In the current survey the ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator for the CEE region has gained 18.0 points and reaches a level of 30.5 points. Economic expectations have improved for almost all individual countries except for Hungary and Turkey. The ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator for Central and Eastern Europe reflects the financial market experts' expectations for the CEE region on a six-month time horizon. The indicator has been compiled on a monthly basis together with further financial market data by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim with the support of Erste Group Bank, Vienna, since 2007. read more

Public Events

First-Hand Information on Economic Policy at ZEW - Telekom Chief Executive Officer Timotheus Höttges: "Industry 4.0 Creates Growth Opportunities in Europe"

Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Telekom AG, expects "Industry 4.0" to become the major driver of economic growth in Germany and Europe. "Everything that can be digitalised will be digitalised," Höttges said with regard to the merging of traditional industrial production with information and communication technologies. Höttges delivered his lecture entitled "Die Vernetzung der Welt - Chancen und Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung" (Worldwide Networking - The Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalisation) in front of some 200 guests at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) within the series "First-Hand Information on Economic Policy". He focused on the failures associated with the implementation of Industry 4.0 as well as future prospects. read more

ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment

ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment - ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment Increases Significantly

The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany gains 23.4 points in December 2014. Increasing for the second consecutive time, the index now stands at 34.9 points (long-term average: 24.4 points), the highest reading since May 2014. read more


ZEW-JLL DIFI Report Published: Financing Conditions Improved Again Despite Economic Slowdown

In the fourth quarter of 2014, the German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) has reached a new all-time high of 28.9 points. The increase of 4.7 points is exclusively attributable to a further improvement of the financing situation’s evaluation: The corresponding sub-indicator has increased by 10.0 points to 50.8 points. A slight decline in financing expectations by 0.6 to 7.0 points accompanies the strong growth. This opposite trend has already been observed over the past two quarters. read more


ZEW/Prognos Survey on Transport Markets - Significant Decrease in Road Freight Prices Expected

The sentiment concerning the development of transport volumes in Germany in the coming six months has worsened. The past six months were characterised by uncertainty about the consequences of the Ukraine crisis, particularly regarding transportation to Eastern Europe. This negative climate has now spread to nearly all transport sectors and traffics. Regarding transport prices, experts expect a heterogeneous development. These are the key findings of the Prognos/ZEW Transportmarktbarometer (Transport Market Barometer) in the fourth quarter of 2014. In this quarterly survey, Prognos AG, Basel, and the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) survey some 250 top executives from the transport and loading industry about their assessment regarding the development of transport markets and prices on a six-month horizon. read more

Financial Market Survey Switzerland

ZEW-CS-Financial Market Test Switzerland - Pessimistic Sentiment Alleviates

In December 2014, the economic expectations for Switzerland continue to approach a balanced level of zero points. The indicator has improved from minus 7.6 to minus 4.9 points. The surveyed analysts therefore seem to expect only a slight slowdown of the Swiss economy in the first six months of 2015. The ZEW-CS Indicator reflects the expectations of the surveyed financial market experts regarding the economic development in Switzerland on a six-month time horizon. It is calculated monthly by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, in cooperation with Credit Suisse (CS), Zurich. read more


Paris Doesn't Like Lectures from Brussels

French fiscal policy and its monitoring by the European Commission are currently reminiscent of a joke by Mark Twain: “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow”. read more


ZEW Experts on the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP20 in Lima, Peru - "UN Negotiations Reveal Costs and Benefits of Climate Protection"

During the 20th yearly session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 20) to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the 195 member states are struggling to propose a draft agreement for a new greenhouse gas emissions reduction target. Setting the course for the 2015 conference in Paris, where the 1997 Kyoto Protocol is to be renewed, will probably take a lot more time. Acting head of the ZEW Research Department "Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management", Dr. Klaus Rennings, and acting deputy Dr. Oliver Schenker comment on the current state of negotiations. Both researchers emphasise that repeated games are being played in Lima. read more

China Economic Panel

China Economic Panel (CEP) of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and Fudan University (Shanghai) - First Increase of the CEP Indicator Since Midyear

Economic expectations for China have improved slightly in comparison to the previous month. The CEP Indicator, which reflects expectations of international financial experts regarding China's macroeconomic development over the next twelve months, has increased from 0.0 to 9.8 points in the current survey period (November 13 to 28, 2014). read more


Dr. Alexander Selent to Succeed Dr. Kurt W. Bock in the Board of ZEW’s Sponsors' Association

Dr. Alexander Selent, deputy chairman of the executive board at Fuchs Petrolub SE, has been elected new deputy chairman of ZEW's Sponsors' Association for Science and Practice. Selent is the successor to Dr. Kurt W. Bock, chairman of the board of executive directors at BASF SE, who is retiring from his position at the Sponsors' Association after nine years of service. Alexander Selent has been a member of the Sponsors' Association since September 2005. At the general meeting, Luka Mucic, chief financial officer and chief operating officer at the executive board of SAP SE, was also elected to the board of the Sponsors' Association. read more

Call for Papers

2015 ZEW Public Finance Conference (April 27-28, 2015)

The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) is pleased to announce the 2015 Annual Public Finance Conference in Mannheim from April 27 to 28, 2015. While papers on all aspects of empirical and applied theoretical issues in public finance are welcome, the focus of this year’s conference will be on European tax policy. Submissions that relate to the topics specified in the call for papers are particularly welcome. Please submit your paper via our conference management website at http://zew.converia.de/?sub=13 no later than February 15, 2015. The conference fee will be waived for presenters. Furthermore, we will contribute to covering accommodation expenses for presenters of accepted papers. read more

Call for Papers

Annual Conference of the Leibniz ScienceCampus MaCCI - Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (March 12-13, 2015)

The Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI), a joint initiative of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and the University of Mannheim, is pleased to announce its 2015 annual conference in Mannheim on March 12-13, 2015. The objective of the conference is to provide a platform for competition- and innovation-related research and discussion. We invite submissions from all fields of competition law and economics. Theoretical and empirical papers as well as case studies are welcome. We especially invite papers from lawyers with a focus on EU competition law, regulatory law, or comparative competition/regulatory law. Please submit full papers as well as extended abstracts as PDF file to macciannual2015@zew.de no later than December 20, 2014. read more

Call for Papers

Thirteenth ZEW Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies (June 12-13, 2015)

The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim, Germany, is holding its thirteenth “Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies” on June 12-13, 2015. The objective of the conference is to discuss recent scientific contributions to the economics of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the economics of ICT industries. Theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented contributions are welcome. Please submit papers as PDF or MS Word file to ict-conference@zew.de no later than March 15, 2015. read more


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