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What kind of information the ZEW-Newsfeed offers

The ZEW-Newsfeed offers a constantly updated overview with continuative links to the latest news, press releases, new publications and dates of professional training at the ZEW. You are able to receive the ZEW-Newsfeed automatically and easy - no matter if you are using a computer, a PDA or a mobile phone.

The ZEW-Newsfeed is offered to you via RSS.

What's RSS?

RSS is a technology that allows users to subscribe to parts of a website, news or other contents. Various websites e.g. tagesschau.de or spiegel.de use RSS to give users fast and easy access to their latest announcements.

With several browsers you can recognize a website providing RSS feeds by this symbol: RSS Icon

How to access or subscribe to the ZEW-Newsfeed

To access or subscribe to the ZEW-Newsfeed you merely need a RSS reader programme.

Some browsers, like Mozilla FireFox, already provide an integrated RSS reader in terms of "dynamic bookmarks". In these browsers it suffices if you click the RSS icon shown above to subscribe to the ZEW-Newsfeed.

In case you don't want to use such a browser, there's a small selection of newsreader-programmes on the right column of this page. You may install on of these on your PC, Handy or PDA. Having done this, you just have to inform your RSS reader where to find the ZEW-Newsfeed.

Where to find the ZEW-Newsfeed

In the RSS 2.0 format, the ZEW-Newsfeed is located at: http://www.zew.de/en/rss/rss.php. If you want to access the ZEW-Newsfeed using another format there's an overview of all provided formats on the right column of this page.


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