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This page provides technical information as well as hints on how to use this internet site or improve its appearance on your screen.

Technical Information


Our internet site should be accessible with all modern browsers and many alternative page viewing utilities.
Older browsers may, however, strongly impact the site's layout, such that a modern browser is recommended for use.

Download sites for current browsers:

In case of further questions please contact us.


Most of the publications on this site are available as pdf-files. In order to open these, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, which can be downloaded here in its most recent version free of charge.


Our internet site can be used entirely without JavaScript. No information on our site is being provided in JavaScript exclusively, JavaScript is used for graphical purposes in selected areas only. In order to view these additional graphical options, you should activate JavaScript in your browser.


The layout of our internet site has, in its adherence to accessibility requirements, not been optimized for any browser or screen resolution. An extremely low resolution may however lead to horizontal/vertical scroll bars, such that a screen resolution of at least 800x600 ppi is recommendend for best reading.

The choice of font size is adjustable in all modern browsers using the preferences or respective shortcuts. Please note that such an adjustment may influence the layout.

General Information

In the interest of improving this website's readability, words denoting any gender shall include every gender.



Most of this site's features are avaliable in English. Choose the language at top right or at the footer.


Using the Sitemap allows you to go directly to specific areas of our internet site.


Use our search engine, which provides full-text or keyword based search and allows you to search in categories.


In case of further questions please contact us.


We continually strive to improve the accessibility features of our internet site and are committed to providing our users with the easiest possible access. Accordingly, all our pages were created to avoid any barriers to such access. As of the technology employed, this means adhering to the innovative web standards XHTML and CSS which separate content from appearance. Moreover, we adhere to the specifications of the "Barrier Free Information Technology Regulation" (BITV) and the recommendations of the W3C/WAI.
We are aware, nevertheless, that due already to the size of our internet site this process is not yet completed and continued improvments remain for the future.

Not all available pdf-files are 100% accessible. However, the pdf-files will be processed and exchanged successively.

Should you experience difficulties accessing our pages or have any suggestions to make, please send us an e-mail to the following adress: barrierefreiheit@zew.de.

We hope you will find our pages easily to navigate and thank you for your interest.

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