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Business Cycle and Growth Analysis

The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) observes the economic situation in Germany and the EMU currently.
We jugde professional forecasts of several institutions and publish studies on macroeconomic topics in scientific papers and a business report.

Main focus of macroeconomic research at the ZEW

Business Cycle Tableaus With Macroeconomic Indicators and Forecasts

From January 2013 on, ZEW will publish monthly business cycle tableaus for Germany and the Eurozone in cooperation with Börsen-Zeitung. The tableaus will show current forecasts for Gross Domestic Product (GDP), its main components, consumer price inflation, industrial production, unemployment rate, short- and long-term interest rates, and interest rate spreads.

Numerous banks and economic research institutes regularly publish reports on the current and future economic situation in Germany and the Eurozone. We scan these publications and compile the relevant information to compute a median, minimum and maximum of the available forecasts for the current and subsequent year. We mainly focus on national business cycle reports and complement the tableaus with forecasts form international banks and institutes. The tableau for the Eurozone is augmented by data from European banks and institutes.

Business Cycle Tableau GermanyBusiness Cycle Tableau Eurozone


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