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Latest Press Releases

July 2015

01.07.2015 – ZEW (msc/ggr)

China Economic Panel (CEP) of ZEW and Fudan University (Shanghai)- Economic Outlook for China Stagnates

The China Economic Panel Indicator (CEP) has increased slightly by 0.2 points. For the period concerned (08/06/2015 - 30/06/2015), the CEP Indicator, which reflects the expectations of international financial experts in regard to China's macroeconomic development over the coming twelve months, now totals nine points. The indicator therefore remains below its long-term average value of 10.8 points. read more

June 2015

27.06.2015 – ZEW (cfu/ggr)

Statement of Professor Clemens Fuest, President of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), on the Greek Referendum

Deadline extension for Greek referendum requires capital controls as from Monday. A comment by Professor Clemens Fuest on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' announcement of a referendum on the bailout programme on July 5, 2015. read more

25.06.2015 – ZEW (mac/ggr/jpr)

ZEW/Prognos Survey on Transport Markets - Largely Stable Price Development Expected Until Year End

Depending on the means of transportation, the development of transport volumes and transport prices vary significantly in the next six months. According to the Transport Market Barometer survey by Prognos/ZEW in May 2015, road freight is expected to have the strongest overall development. The volume forecasts in this sub-sector are almost unanimously positive. Transport volumes for rail freight, by contrast, are expected to decline. read more

24.06.2015 – ZEW (fkr/jpr)

2014 ZEW Annual Report Published: ZEW Maintains Strong Position in International Competition

The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) stood its ground in national and international competition in 2014 with a total revenue of about EUR 20 million. The institute successfully reinforced its reputation as an excellent research location. Despite the huge competitive pressure due to European-wide calls for proposals, the research institute considerably increased the share of research contracts awarded by the EU Commission. Projects commissioned by the European Union formed almost 25 per cent of ZEW's third-party funding volume (a total of EUR 9.2 million) in 2014. read more

22.06.2015 – ZEW (cfu/jpr)

Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis - ZEW President Fuest: "Tsipras Has No Plan for Economic Recovery in Greece"

The next summit of eurozone leaders takes place in Brussels today. The question whether Greece will be allowed new credit is at the centre of the meeting - and ultimately depends on the country's reform efforts. The Greek government offered a new reform package just ahead of today's Brussels summit. Professor Clemens Fuest, president of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), comments on Greece's reform proposals: read more

18.06.2015 – ZEW (zil/ggr)

ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) - Economic Expectations Slightly More Optimistic

In June 2015 economic expectations for Central and Eastern Europe including Turkey (CEE region) improved marginally. In the current survey, the ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator for the CEE region has increased by 2.5 points. The indicator now stands at a level of 50.0 points. A majority of 55 percent of the survey participants is optimistic about the economic prospects of the CEE region in the months to come. The ZEW-Erste Group Bank Economic Sentiment Indicator for Central and Eastern Europe reflects the financial market experts' expectations for the CEE region on a six-month time horizon. The indicator has been compiled on a monthly basis together with further financial market data by the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) with the support of Erste Group Bank, Vienna, since 2007. read more

17.06.2015 – ZEW (lja/ggr/jpr)

ZEW-CS Financial Market Test Switzerland - Economic Outlook Nearly Unchanged

The ZEW-CS Indicator leaves the red to just break even in June 2015. It slightly increases by 0.2 points to a reading of now 0.1 points. As in the previous month, the indicator's level of close to zero neither points towards deterioration nor towards improvement of economic activity in Switzerland. The ZEW-CS Indicator reflects the expectations of the surveyed financial market experts regarding the economic development in Switzerland on a six-month time horizon. It is calculated monthly by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, in cooperation with Credit Suisse (CS), Zurich. read more

17.06.2015 – ZEW (kfi/fkr/jpr)

Expert Statement by ZEW Economist Professor Katharina Finke on the European Commission's Action Plan to Reform Corporate Taxation in the EU

The European Commission presented its Action Plan for fair and efficient corporate taxation in the EU on June 17, 2015. According to Professor Katharina Finke, deputy head of the "Corporate Taxation and Public Finance" Research Department at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), it is questionable whether the EC Action Plan will successfully curtail the fundamental problem of tax avoidance by multinationals in Europe: read more

16.06.2015 – ZEW (jrr/dre/jpr)

ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment - Uncertainty Dampens Economic Expectations

The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany declines in June 2015 for the third consecutive time. Decreasing by 10.4 points compared to the previous month, the index now stands at 31.5 points (long-term average: 24.9 points). "External factors are reducing the scope for further improvement of Germany's good economic situation. These include, in particular, the ongoing uncertainty over Greece's future and the restrained dynamic of the global economy," says ZEW President Professor Clemens Fuest. read more

16.06.2015 – ZEW (cfu/fkr/jpr)

Statement of ZEW President Professor Clemens Fuest: The ECJ Is Mistaken

According to the latest decision taken by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, the "Outright Monetary Transactions"(OMT) Programme announced by the European Central Bank (ECB) in September 2012 is in compliance with European legislation. Professor Clemens Fuest, President of the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), has, however, criticised this decision: "The ECJ is mistaken. The OMT Programme is designed by the ECB to support peripheral states with high levels of debt. This is a form of fiscal policy, not monetary policy." read more

11.06.2015 – ZEW (cra/jpr)

1,500 Hidden Champions in Germany: Global Market Leaders' Secret of Success

There are about 1,500 "hidden champions" in Germany. They often go unnoticed in the large corporations' shadow. But these hidden global market leaders are one of the key pillars of the German economy. What is the secret of their success? According to a current study of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) based on the Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP), hidden champions place notably greater emphasis on innovation than their competitors. read more


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