Stefan Frübing studied economics at the University of Mannheim. Directly after obtaining his undergraduate degree, he pursued his master's degree as part of a double degree programme run by the European Network for Training in Economic Research (ENTER), which allowed him to obtain an MSc in Economics from both the University of Mannheim and the Toulouse School of Economics. During his final year in Toulouse, he completed a specialised Master 2 programme with a focus on industrial organisation and competition policy, graduating with distinction. After completing a four month internship in the chief economic policy advisory team at the German Federal Cartel Office, he joined ZEW’s Research Group “Competition and Regulation” in October 2013. Since April 2014, he has been a PhD student under Professor Georg Götz at the University of Giessen. His second supervisor is ZEW Research Associate Professor Kai Hüschelrath. Between September and November 2016, Stefan Frübing was on secondment in the Chief Economist Team of the Directorate General for Competition at the European Commission. As of January 2018 he is a member of the Junior Research Group “Competition and Regulation” in the ZEW Department “Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics”. His main area of research is competition policy (particularly mergers and cartels). He also has a strong interest in the application of game theory.

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