Thilo Klein is an economist in ZEW’s Research Group “Market Design” and responsible for its research area “Design of Matching Markets". In matching markets, market participants care about who they are doing business with, and prices don't necessarily do all the talking. Applications of matching markets include the (centralised) matching of students to schools or the control of company mergers. Klein’s research combines matching algorithms with empirical methods with the goal of examining why markets fail and how they can be improved by actively shaping market rules and institutions.

Dr. Klein has extensive professional experience in economic consulting for public and private sector development. Prior to joining ZEW, he worked as an economist and policy analyst at the OECD, as well as for the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Indian microfinance institution Spandana, and Bayer AG. He holds a PhD in business economics and an MPhil in operations research from the University of Cambridge, UK, where he lectured in econometrics and game theory. He is an open source enthusiast and the author of the R package matchingMarkets.

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