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News tagged with „Re-employment prospects“

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January 2007

09.01.2007 – ZEW (tzw/kvs)

Hartz Evaluation: Integration Subsidies of Limited Effects – Deadweight Effects Prevail

The integration subsidies provided by the Federal Employment Agency enable only few elderly unemployed to find work more rapidly. Even though statistics have proven a positive impact on women in eastern Germany, in all other groups, subsidies created only deadweight effects. These are the findings of a recently published final report on the evaluation of the Hartz Laws I-III conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim. read more

June 2000

20.06.2000 – ZEW (tha/ggr)

Labour Market Policy: State Spends Billions - yet Little Success

Traditional instruments of active labour market policy such as job creation and further education schemes for the jobless that are promoted by the employment offices in order to reintegrate the participants in an employment relationship in the first labour market, are to a large extent ineffective. read more


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