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News tagged with „Green IT“

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February 2010

22.02.2010 – ZEW/Creditreform (msu/ggr)

Green IT - A Lot of Unused Potential for Increasing the Energy Efficiency in Companies

"Green IT" is often discussed in the current climate debate. This leads to the impression that companies are influenced by aspects like energy efficiency and environmental protection when using information technologies (IT). The findings of a survey conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim and Creditreform indicate that this is only sometimes the case. The survey analyses around 900 companies with a particularly high usage of IT. read more

January 2010

18.01.2010 – ZEW/Creditreform (msu/ggr)

Service Providers of the Information Society - Companies deploy Green IT primarily in order to reduce operating costs

The term Green IT includes apart from the energy efficient and environmentally friendly production and disposal of information and communication technology (ICT) also the reduction of emissions via the use of ICT. Meanwhile, more than half of the companies of the economic sector service providers of the information society use telephone conferences as a substitute for business trips. For this purpose, a whole series of companies falls back on net-meetings and video conferences. The greatest advantage of Green IT for the companies is the reduction of operating costs, followed by gains in efficiency and productivity as well as the positive effects with regard to the image of the company. This is the result of a business survey among service providers of the information society, conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research in cooperation with the credit reference agency Creditreform, Neuss, in December 2009 (details regarding the survey are provided below). read more

March 2009

04.03.2009 – ZEW (joh/ggr)

IT-Expert Survey by ZEW and Lexta - Green IT Gains in Importance in ICT-Investments

Criteria such as low energy consumption or low environmental pollution in the production process and the subsequent recycling process (Green IT) are increasingly influencing the decision of purchasing information and communication hardware. This is the finding of a survey conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, in co-operation with the Lexta Consultants Group, Berlin, among roughly 200 IT experts. read more


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