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News tagged with „Viet Nam“

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November 2010

02.11.2010 – ZEW (cpr/ggr)

Experts from China and Vietnam Visit Ministry of Finance of Baden-Württemberg

Within a professional training programme at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim, 19 employees at the Chinese Ministry of Finance and other state institutions in China and Vietnam visited the Ministry of Finance of the state Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. At the ministry, the guests from Asia were welcomed by Dr. Gisela Meister-Scheufelen, head of ministry department: "Baden-Württemberg aims at maintaining and intensifying the international dialogue on lasting fiscal policy. In particular, the financial market crisis has made it clear how closely linked the world is today. Due to the globalisation, we are all facing great challenges. We are all learning from each other." read more


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