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News tagged with „Carbon dioxide“

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July 2010

19.07.2010 – ZEW (alo/tme/kbo)

ZEW Energy Market Barometer - CO2 Reduction of 40 Percent Not Realisable due to Current German Law

The German government will not be able to reach its goal of reducing the country’s CO2 emissions by 40 percent by 2020, as compared to 1990, due to its current environmental policy. This is the opinion of the vast majority of roughly 200 energy market experts who are regularly asked for their opinion on energy economic issues in the ZEW Energy Market Barometer. (For further information on the Energy Market Barometer, see below.) read more

01.07.2010 – ZEW/KfW (alo/kbo)

KfW/ZEW CO2 Barometer - German Companies Not Fit for EU Emissions Trading

The second KfW/ZEW CO2 Barometer indicates that German firms’ occupation with the opportunities and risks of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is insufficient. Two thirds of them have not yet analysed the potential costs they will face as of 2013. Emission certificates will then not be distributed cost-free, but will be put up for auction. read more


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