European Unemployment: Recent Developments in Duration Analysis Using Register Data


The purpose of the workshop is to discuss current research results on the duration of unemployment using European register data.

In the past decade, more and more European governments have made unemployment register data accessible to the scientific community. Register data usually has the advantage of both containing much more observations and less measurement error than survey based data. This gives researchers the opportunity to rethink commonly used estimationtechniques by allowing for more flexible specifications. Precise information about unemployment compensation payments and sanctioning measures allow to evaluate in detail the unemployment policy of national governments. Since the structure ofthe data and the national unemployment policy vary across European countries, it is ofessential interest to discuss recent approaches and the solution to problems of theoreticaland empirical nature in a stimulating atmosphere with experts from different countries.The workshop consists mainly of papers analyzing the duration of unemployment using register data. Researchers, who have worked on unemployment duration analysiswith survey data, are invited to the workshop in order to explore the possible fields of application for register data in their own research. There is also scope for papers dealing purely with data issues in register data on unemployment durations.

This Workshop is sponsored by<HTML>"German Research Association" (DFG)


 Fernando Muñoz Bullon

Fernando Muñoz Bullon // UC III Madrid

 Tomi Kyyrä

Tomi Kyyrä // VATT Helsinki

 Sokbae Lee

Sokbae Lee // University College London

 Jose Machado

Jose Machado // Nova University Lisbon

 Anton Nivorozhkin

Anton Nivorozhkin // Gothenburg University

 Knut Roed

Knut Roed // Frisch Centre, Oslo

 Michael Svarer

Michael Svarer // University of Aarhus

 Gerard van den Berg

Gerard van den Berg // Tinbergen Institute

Ralf Wilke

Research Associate, Ralf Wilke // Copenhagen Business School, Dänemark

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Research Associate
Ralf Wilke
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