<HTML>Sources of Innovation</HTML>
R&D Spillovers
Inventor and Industry Studies
Corporate Governance of Innovative Firms
<HTML>Impacts of Innovation</HTML>
Productivity and Firm Performance
Patenting in Basic Research (e.g. Genomics and Pharmaceuticals)
<HTML>Financing of Innovation</HTML>
Public vs. Private Funding
R&D Subsidies, Tax Credits
VC, Equity and Debt
Evaluation of Technology Policy
<HTML>Welfare Effects of Patent Policy</HTML>
Novelty, Length and Breadth of Patent Protection
Patenting Strategies
Enforcement of Patent Rights

<HTML>Invited Speakers</HTML>
Philippe Aghion (Université Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Iain Cockburn (Boston University School of Managment)
David Encaoua (Harvard University)
Alfonso Gambardella (University of Bocconi)
Rachel Griffith (UCL and IFS London)
Dominique Guellec (European Patent Office)
Bronwyn H. Hall (University of California, Berkeley)
Dietmar Harhoff (INNO-tec, University of Munich)
Donald Siegel (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy)
Manuel Trajtenberg (Tel-Aviv University)

<HTML>Call for Papers</HTML>

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<html>Program (PDF - latest version)

Attendance is also open to persons who do not present a paper. However, due to space limitations participation might be restricted on a first come, first serve basis.

<HTML>Previous Conferences:</HTML>
<HTML>ZEW Conference on Empirical Economics of Innovation and Patenting</HTML>


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